Well, we are over a week into this dairy-free thing that we are doing. Now, if we could get rid of these nasty head colds maybe we could see if it is doing anything.

Surprisingly I am not missing it too much anymore. OK. Wait. Maybe just the chocolate. I am not really missing the milk or the cheese. That is a good thing. The only problem that I have come across is that milk or some form of milk  is in everything. Everything! I really have to cook from scratch. Not that I mind, but there are times that I would just love to throw some Taquitos in or something. Yes, Taquitos have milk in them. Who knew?

You know what else has milk? Bouillion cubes. Isn’t that crazy? Bouillion cubes. And French Onion soup. And Non-Dairy creamer! So much for non-dairy. You see, whey powder is a derivative of milk, so that must be cut out. And sometimes it will be way, way down on the list of ingredients (that many ingredients should be a hint not to eat it, huh?) so you would think it doesn’t matter, but it does.

On the up side, I have found a few replacements that work just fine; replacements like Fleischmanns unsalted margerine and Blue Diamond Almond Milk . I have been able to make some brownies and some biscuits. It is all good.  Except for this head cold. This is not good at all.