p1110015This is an old picture, but I don’t have a current cold picture in my files. Yes, I do have a palm tree in my yard and I think it is just weird to see snow covering a palm tree.


We have been having some nasty cold weather up here this past week. Something about cold air from Canada swooping down. We have a had a little snow with more coming today. I am not pleased with the idea of snow at this time. I have a symphony to go to this weekend. Driving in Seattle is not fun in the snow. No one knows how to drive in it, and the city doesn’t have proper snow clearing equipment. The roads get icy and nasty.

Anyway, the kids have a late start today, but I got up on time. So here I am with a little time on my hands to blog. I have been pretty busy lately. I hear that I like it that way because it makes me feel important. (LOL! You know who you are.) Well, that may be true, but I have been busy just the same. Aren’t we all this time of year? I long for the days of homeschooling when we just took the whole month of December off and goofed around. 

What should I make for dinner tonight? I have plenty of food in the house. I went to the commissary yesterday. Oh. My. Gosh. There were no carts! No shopping carts. We had to wait for someone to return one before we could get one. Yep, it was a mighty fun day at the commissary. I am not going back there until after the new year. The End. Amen. And all of that. I will pay the double prices and shop locally. I like what is left of my mind too much to go back there.

Oh, dinner. I guess I should think of something. That is my job after all as the mom. Why? I don’t know. I wonder if my hubby realizes what a brain drain it is trying to decide what is for dinner every night?

“What would you like for dinner, babe?” I ask him.

“Oh, whatever you make is fine,” he will answer.

Ugh. Doesn’t he realize that I am trying to esacpe my unassigned duty by asking him this question? Besides we all know that it really isn’t fine. If I made stuffed peppers for dinner, it sure wouldn’t be fine. You know what I am saying. Oh, I am not beating up on my hubby. If I don’t feel like cooking, he is the first one to suggest pizza or fast food so I don’t have to cook. I am just whining that I have to figure out what is for dinner.

Well, now that I am finished writing about absolutely nothing, I think I will go and make another cup of coffee and enjoy my late start morning.