I had my lessons today. They went well. I guess my angels in “Angels We Have Heard on High” needed to use the bathroom because they were singing their praises a little on the fast side. Not fast as in I played the song fast. Fast as in I was rushing my sixteenth notes again. Ugh.

So, I have put Clementi in the bookshelf to stay awhile, and a small collection of Mozart has now earned the posistion of piano topside. I am working on the variations of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”. Oh, I know that is not what it is called, but that is what it is. Anyway, because of Thanksgiving last week, she just gave me the Theme to work on. Piece of cake, I thought. It is like 1st year piano.  Or, so I thought. There is more than just hitting the right note and playing the right rhythm. The key must be struck just so to give off a nice clear, pure note. I was able to get it before I left my lesson, but that is where it stops. I have a digital. Yes, it is touch sensitive. Yes, the keys are weighted. Yes, it even has hammers on the inside.  And when it comes to digitals, mine is a fairly nice one, but it isn’t an acoustic. I am not going to be able hit the string. There are no strings. I have already tried it at home, and it isn’t the same.

I am a little bummed. Granted, I am playing on a studio grand at her house, so even if I got an upright it wouldn’t be quite the same. I am still not getting an acoustic anytime soon. She encouraged me today to really think about it. It just doesn’t make any sense for me to get one right now. She said, “Well, you aren’t moving anymore.”  Shah. Wouldn’t that be nice? I will know that I am not moving anymore when I am standing next to my husband at his retirement ceremony. (Hubby just read the title of this piece over my shoulder and laughed out loud. Nice. See if he ever gets a dog now.)

So, my Twinkle, Twinkle isn’t going to be as clear and pure as it could be. The star is going to have to try and shine through the clouds. I live in Western Washington. It may as well get used to it.