Yesterday was the first day of the new year on the church calendar. (I meant to say all this yesterday, but time got away from me.) It was the first Sunday in Advent. A time where we remember the coming of our Lord. A time that we look forward to the second coming of our Lord.

I love Advent. The parament colors are a beautiful shade of blue. In the middle of our church is a large advent wreath, and soon the whole church will be decorated in Christmas colors. I love hearing the sermons about Jesus coming again. Isn’t that we as Christians all look forward to? Yesterday’s sermon text was Matthew 21:1-9. If you go and read it, you will notice it is the same text that is used often for Palm Sunday. What a beautiful text. A text that reminds us that Jesus came to us.

I thought about making a New Year’s resolution. A resolution of my faith. Something simple. I have never been good about keeping my New Year’s resolutions, but maybe this one would be different. Especially if I keep it simple. I have something in mind. Something about prayer. I will figure something out.  Anyway, Happy New Year!

Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus!