So, last night my sister and I sat down with the ads and tried to decide if we would go Black Friday shopping. There wasn’t anything that we really wanted, but she wanted to hit JoAnne’s for the $1.49/yard flannel. We figured getting up early and shopping together would be fun. She lives far enough away that we don’t get to do that very often.

3:30 am. We left my house.

4:00 am. We went to JcPenney and got some good deals. It was busy, but not to the point that I was uncomfortable. I got the $4 pillows and some other Christmas gifts.

4:45 am. We walked into Kohl’s. We went to look at a couple of things that interested us, noticed the lines that wrapped completely around the store and promptly walked out.

5:00 am. We walked into Toy’s R Us. I quickly found the one toy that I wanted and grabbed a couple of others on the way to the line. 5:20 am we walked out of the store and decided to head to JoAnne’s.

5:45 am. We stood in line outside of JoAnne’s.

6:00 am.  I decided to go next door to Staples to grab a couple of things, and she went into JoAnne’s for her fabric.

6:30 am. I am done with Staples. I got what I wanted and didn’t have to stand in line too long. I was a woman on a mission.

6:35 am. I walk back into JoAnne’s to find my sister. We meet up and wait.

10:30 am.  left JoAnne’s. So, who recognizes that it is now 4 hours later? Anyone? Can I just say “Oh. My. Gosh.”? No, really. It wasn’t that horrible. I know that we will laugh about it for a long time. We talked to some, shall we say, interesting people. One person had 5 shopping carts full of bolts of fabric they needed cutting. 5 shopping carts! Again. 5 shopping carts! How much sewing can one person possibly do? Anyway,  I also ran into my friend, Tina, who I haven’t seen in awhile. I also ran into my aunt and a few friends from church. A couple more people and we could have had a party. After it was all said and done, my sister had saved $400. I think that was well worth the wait. I was the big spender and bought some wrapping paper and a couple of gifts for a grand total of less than $40.

10:45 am. Quick lunch at McD’s. Did you know that McD’s fries are gluten free? Well, they are. Just so you know. The only fast food resturant with gluten free fries. Their burger patties are also gluten free. Of course you can’t eat the bun, but it will do in a pinch.  Just tuck that in the back of your brain for later in case you need it.

11:15 am. Back to Kohl’s to see if the sheets I wanted were still on the shelf. They were. I got the last set. They aren’t the color that I wanted. But when they are $100 off, you don’t complain and you sleep on an ugly color. I am over it. It is dark when you are sleeping anyway.

1:00 pm. We are finally finished with Kohl’s after standing in line for what seemed like forever. The line wasn’t even that long, but it moved so slowly. I think that it is a conspiracy to get you to put more crap in your cart while you are waiting in line. Heaven knows I fell for it. “Oh, this looks cute!” or “Oh, so and so will like this!” or “Oh, look at this! Isn’t that a neat idea?!” So you know that $100 I saved on the sheets? I made up for it. However, in my defense, I got a lot of Christmas presents.

1:15 pm. Drive home and discuss the recession or lack there of. People had a lot of stuff. We weren’t the only ones with a lot of stuff in our arms. The deals weren’t even all that spectacular. I think people just like to buy stuff for Christmas.

1:30 pm. Arrive home. Wrap a couple of presents so hubby can’t guess what they are even though he probably will. (So irritating.) Then crash. Nap.

5:00 pm. Send hubby out for fast food because I am not cooking. (There goes more of my savings, but I don’t care at this point.)

9:00 pm. I sit here with a glass of Riesling telling you all about it. It was a fun day. I have to say that I really like Black Friday shopping. We stayed away from Target and Walmart on purpose. I don’t feel like I missed anything, and I think it made the day more enjoyable. Will I go again next year? Probably. As long as I have someone to drag along with me.