This is going to be more of a wife confession than I mom confession, but what do you do?

My hubby has been gone a couple of months now. Two months is plenty of time to completely take over any section of the house that he has claimed as his own. You know, his side of the closet, his car, stuff like that. He will be coming home soon. I can’t say when, but let’s just say that it is close enough that I am not going to be able drop the 7 pounds that I have gained while he has been gone. (Stupid coffee creamer, but man, it makes my coffee taste so good!)

So, I am looking in my closet the other day and I am realizing that I am going to have to give up the valet. Man, I love that thing. I bought it for him one Christmas several years ago. It has a place to hang your pants, drape your jacket and stow your shoes. I have my nice slacks draped over the pants place, my jacket hanging on the “arms” and my jewelry all over the top of the little shelf. Hmm..I have to give it up. It was his Christmas present after all. So, I will begin the de-Tressafication process. It is painful, but it must be as he never left.

Next, I have to take car of his car. I didn’t realize the state it was in until my daughter says to me, “Mom, we really need to clean out dad’s car before he gets home. He will not like this.” I look around. Nope. He isn’t going to like it. I am not a slob, but I am not a neat freak either. I am more of a messy type person. I only have two hands, you know. Sometimes I can’t always bring everything in the house at once. I mean to go back out and get the rest of the stuff, but I get distracted.  So, the stuff just stays there. His poor car has definitely been Tressafied. I can fix that. Most likey it will be a mad dash to the car detailer on the day he gets home.

I also need to stock the freezer with something other than chicken nuggets and Taquitos. Hey, that is what the kids want to eat, and I aim to please. With the arrival of daddy comes real food. Honestly, I am glad. I am tired of just cooking for me and the kids. This is one part of deTressification that I am going to like.

Now, where is that house cleaning fairy when you need her anyway?