I mentioned in my last entry that when I say Auntie is comes out Antie. I also noticed that there are some of you out there that do the same thing.  This has been an ongoing debate at my house since I married my husband who is from Connecticut. When meeting his lovely aunts for the first time, I called them “Antie”. Oh, the horrors. They were gracious about it.  I wasn’t from around those parts. I was from Washington, so they chalked it up to the fact that I grew up on the wrong coast. It wasn’t my fault.

Because I like to be right, I needed to find out the correct way to pronounce this word.  I googled (like that is a real word)  words that had an “au” in them. I ended up at more words. It didn’t take me long to find such nice long list. It was the first site that popped up. I read down the list out loud to see how I prounounced all these words. My kids thought I was strange.  Since when was “assaultivenesses” a word?

I read through all the words that began with “au”. The only one that I prounounced with the short “a” sound was aunt or its cousins. So I thought maybe it is because a “n” follows the “au”. The only other “aun” word that I count as a real word that I could find was “aunaturel”. I don’t say that like antie.  

 Well, I thought, what about “aun” in the middle? I googled it. I come up with several words. One of them was “craunch”. Huh? I have just decided that this word list has nonsense words. What kind of website is this anyway? I declare it invalid in my search for words. (Assaultiveness-yes. Assualtivenesses-no.)

 I grab my handy, dandy Webster’s Dictionary. This was the first book that my hubby and I purchased as a couple. Aren’t we nerdy? Anyway, “craunch” is in there. Can you believe it? But before you get excited, let me tell you there isn’t a definition. It just says that it is a verb transitive, verb intransitive, or an adverb. Hmmm..so how should I use the word? I craunched a bug? (verb transitive) I craunched in the cold. (verb intransitive) I ran craunchingly over the bugs. (adverb)  I don’t get it. Doesn’t work for me.  I just hope that no one comes on here and tell me that it is slang for something. (That would be quite embarrassing.) It is also of unknown origin. Really? Shocking.

OK. This was really about the word “aunt”. I have found that I prounounce every other word with “au”, except for the names of the dinosaurs and the word dinosaur itself,  with the “aw” sound. I am going to have to admit defeat and concede to my husband and all you other awnties out there, but just because I concede doesn’t mean I am going to change the way I say it. Sorry. It was fun though.