Or in my case you lose them all. Oh. Wait. I think that two of the people I wanted won, but one is hanging by a thread and I am sure that somewhere they will find enough votes for the other candidate.  My other candidate is the Superintendent of Public Instruction and I just voted for the new guy.

I think my most upsetting loss comes with Inititative 1000. It is our Lethal Prescriptions initiative.  I just think that it is sad.

Well, that is all I am going to say about all of this. There are plenty of political blogs to read that say it much better than I will. I do refuse to have the hate that the liberals have spewed for the last 8 years. The people I wanted were not elected, but I guess that I am in the minority now. I really hope that all this change will be good for us, but I am not convinced. Oh, well. And so it goes..

Oh, my gosh. You are kidding me, right? McCain advisors are throwing Palin under the bus. Now this. This could really tick me off. How about the advisors blame themselves for running a lousy campaign? Oh, no. They can’t do that. They want to be employed tomorrow. Sheesh.