It is bed time at the Tressays house. Freckle Face brings me a hymnal.

“Mom, can I show you something?”

“Sure, bud. Whatcha got?”

“I want to sing this before I go to bed tonight. Will you do it with me?” He asked me pointing to the order of service in the front part of our hymnal.

“Sure. We can do that,” I said.

“Ok. I want to sing it in my room and I want to say all the words.” (meaning he wants to say the pastor’s part)

“Ok. Let’s go.”

So, we went to his room and did the order of vespers before he went to bed. I shortened it up a bit, but it was so cute to hear him sing the liturgy. He sings it in church, but there is just something so sweet about your 7 year old singing it in bed before he goes to bed. It reminded me how beautiful our liturgy is.

And how beautiful it is to see faith in your child.

update: Now, he wants me to add a psalm every night. What a good lesson for me.