Ok. So, I have been on the school side of the fence for a couple of months now. I would like to offer a little encouragement to my homeschooling friends that still come to read my blog.

First of all, you are doing enough. That was one of my biggest worries. Veteran homeschoolers or even my current homeschooling friends would tell me that I was, but I didn’t believe them. I fell for the lie that only a school can get it all done. Now that they are in school I see that they are doing the same amount of material that I was only I was getting it done in a shorter amount of time. Duh! So, if your son is sitting at the table for 1 hour working on his math, it is OK! I promise. They are spending one hour at school and sometimes bringing it home.

Second, enjoy your family time and if you are feeling guilty about it, refer back to my first point. When kids are in school there is always something that needs to be done when they are home. Always. So, you know that movie you wanted to watch with the kids on a Tuesday night? You can’t. The kids have homework and still need to practice piano and need to get to bed so that you don’t have to wake them up in the morning by singing “Rise and Shine” at the top of your lungs (off key I might add). How the families with their kids in a zillion activities do it, I will never know. Something must give.

Finally, I promise that you will not have more time if you put the kids in school. Well, unless you want to hide in your house and never let the school know that you exist. That may work, but only for awhile. Eventually you are going to have to run out for some weird color shirt or the odd size styrofoam ball. Now, this may only pertain to me because I have my kids in a private school, and they need a lot of volunteers to run smoothly. BUT. And this is a big. If you go back to work because you would like to be able to afford those organic raspberries that you have been drooling over, you will be a walking zombie and you won’t make it to the grocery store to buy those raspberries anyway. It is going to take all the energy you have to put some Hamburger Helper on the stove while going over the week’s spelling words with your 7 year old. 

I hope this was a little encouraging, but reading back it sounds a little cynical. Hmmmm… I am not changing it. Man, I am such a rebel. 🙂