Heaven help me. So, I finished exercise 20 today. It was the end of book one. That one was a little painful. Thought that I would be done, but nope. Now, I start exercise 21. It is the beginning of book two. They are two page exercises. Oh, boy. Two fun pages. I can hardly wait.

My teachers says to me, ” I have some good news for you, though.”

I say, “Oh, that is good.”

She looks at the exercise again and says, “Oh, nevermind. No good news today.”

I wish that I could slide the Hanon through without having to practice it, but she knows. When I was teaching piano I always knew too. So, I understand how she knows. I don’t even try to pull it off. What amazes me the most is her uncanny ability to catch my smallest errors. I thought I had my Sonatina down today. I was all impressed with my ability to play it quickly, and I thought it sounded pretty good. Yet, she caught the errors in my grace notes and realized that I was rushing my last triplet of the measure to make up for the fact that I was dragging my grace note in the first triplet. I hear it now, but it always shocks me that she can catch things like that. 

Oh, and my tip for the day. When you are learning a new piece of music, you should have a pencil with a good eraser at the piano. You should not be afraid to write the fingering on your music. I know that my music would be better if I could figure out the stinking fingering on some of the songs. Would it really hurt to put the fingering on some of the modern music? Or do the composers not share their fingering for some other reason? Just wondering. I know we all have different hands, but I know it would help me. Oh, well. I will just keep my pencil handy.