I am not above bribery.

When my kids were little and I had to take them to the commissary with me, I bribed them. I would tell them that they could pick any candy that they wanted just so long as they behaved themselves while we were shopping. It worked, and my commissary shopping trips were bearable. The sweet, older ladies would smile at me and say “Your kids are just so well behaved.” And I would smile back and say, “Thank you! They are good kids.” 

Then they would say “Yeah, she is going to buy us candy if we are good.”

Ack! Smile big. Moving on. Nothing to see here.

 Just so you know, I had no problem taking away their candy if they acted up and they knew it. This makes the bribery work. If you just give them the candy after they have acted like heathens you are just hurting yourself. Sometimes you still have to be the bad guy.

Now that they are older and I can go to the commissary by myself (which is actually rather lonely, though I never thought that I would say that) I still bribe my kids. Sometimes they get extra video game time if they go out and scare all the snakes away for me before I have to weed wack. Just a bit ago I told Freckle Face that if he ran upstairs and brought down my book he could have a piece of candy. Oh, don’t judge me. I am just fine with this arrangement. He was going to get a piece of candy anyway. Then, my girl says “Hey, can I have a piece of candy too?” Of course you know that the answer is going to be yes. I would have a revolt if I just let the stinker have a piece. “Oh, sure.” I say, “but could you close the curtains first?” (As I sit here in my comfy chair, covered with a blanket and my laptop on my lap.)

“Sure, mom! Thanks!”

No, thank you.

Bonus Saturday Mom Confession:

Right now I am listening to my kids sing “The Final Countdown” at the top of their lungs in the other room. They are laughing and goofing around. I am trying to think of something else I would rather listen to. Yeah, I can’t think of anything.