I had to go to the library today. I had some books due today and since I already have a nice fine sitting on my card, I have been extra careful about getting my books back. I do love going to the library. My library is not very big, but I can browse my favorite sections and pick up a few things in a short amount of time.

Unless of course….

They rearrange the library!!! Who had this crazy idea? That is my big question. I walk in the library today and there is a big sign saying “STOP! In order to serve you better we have made changes to the library..blah..blah..take a map.” You have got to be kidding me. How is rearranging the library going to serve me better? I already know where everything is! I can find my favorite cookbook (if it hasn’t been checked out) in 2.3 seconds. I was going to run in, grab a few things, and run out. I repeat. Was.

So, I take one of their little maps and made my way into the library weeping. Ok, I wasn’t weeping, but why did they do this? Rearranging things upsets me. I lived in my last house 4 years and never changed my furniture. What do you want to bet that even after we have been in this house 6 years the furniture will be in the same spot? Yeah, I wouldn’t take the bet either. Well, anway, since my library is small, it didn’t take me long to find my favorite spots, but I am still not happy.


I thought, “Oh, I should get a couple of books for the kids. They may like that.” Thank goodness they hadn’t rearranged the children’s section. So, I look through the early readers, grab a couple, and head into the chapter books. I turn the corner to go to the next row and there is a guy sleeping on the floor! What the heck? That is just plain creepy. Beyond creepy. He woke up, and I turned around and walked away. I must have disturbed Sleeping Beauty because he left. Ugh. Gross and creepy.

I sure can’t wait to go back to the library.