Did that get your attention? Yeah, me too. I don’t have time to blog about it now because I have to get Freckle Face to see his physiatrist. (I will let you know how that goes too) I didn’t get a  picture because the last thing you think about when you see a huge, shiny black spider in your grapes is the camera. You know, when they say you will know a black widow when you see one, they aren’t kidding. The red hour glass couldn’t have been clearer. *shivers for the 30 time*  Ok, I have to run. More later….

Ok, I am back. So, I am making the kids’ lunch this morning. I pull my red grapes from the fridge and I am pulling them out of the bag to see if I should bother to wash them. I have a bad habit of allowing produce to deteriorate in my fridge. I am a wash as I use kind of person. Anyway, so as I am holding the bunch of grapes up in the air to see if any are rotten, I notice a big, black spider hanging on to the stem. My first thought was “Wow he is really black, and really smooth.” Believe me, poisonous spider did not enter my thoughts at the time. I have been killing a lot of harmless house spiders lately. I just thought it was going to be one of those. Anyway, I dropped the grapes on the counter because the spider was to close to my fingers to make me comfortable. After I dropped them, the spider moved around on the stem giving me a up close and personal view of its belly. I looked at it and thought “oh my. Is that a red hour glass thing? Oh. My. It is! OH! MY! Someone get me a shoe!!!!” That is what I was yelling.

 I had my choice of several shoes all within a few feet of me. See? Sometimes good things come from not putting your shoes away. I picked up a tennis shoe and smashed the grapes and the spider very hard. Several times. The grapes kind of made a mess, but the spider was dead and that is what mattered. I wiped up the mess with a huge bunch of paper towels, threw them in the trash, tied up the trash bag, and threw it all out. I went in the house to see from where the grapes had originated. I was expecting somewhere exotic like Chile or something. Nope. Product of USA. California. Hmm. We don’t have black widows here. So, it had to come home with me from the commissary, and it probably traveled here from California. At least the grapes were fresh, right? How the thing managed to survive in my fridge is beyond me. It was moving very slow. Probably half frozen.

Freckle Face told the Dr. about it, but I don’t think he believed us. I know what I saw. I googled for pictures and yes, it was a black widow. No doubt. I told the kids’ teacher about it and she said that I should have saved it. My dad said that I should have saved it so that I could be in the newspaper. The doctor said that I should have saved it for identification purposes. What is with these people? My one and only thought was to kill the thing. I guess I am not a classic homeschooler. I don’t think of things like that. Smash and dispose. That is my plan. I did call the commissary and let them know. I don’t know if it will do anything. I know that I am not buying grapes for a long time. The kids had apples in their lunch.

Second item of the day, Freckle Face and the Dr. It went well. He suggested botox again and I calmly and succinctly made my case on the botox. I didn’t want to put him through that again. After reading his notes and remembering that the last round didn’t have much effect, he agreed. Crisis averted. We are going to be serial casting again. Probably a waste of time and energy. Not to mention inconvenient. But, we will do it. We are looking at surgery in a couple of years. And yes, he does have neurological issues, although very mild. I am glad that question has been answered. So, that is the plan.

I better not dream about spiders tonight. Happy Halloween, indeed. 🙂