I just want to make a note. (haha, I made a pun!) I have not had a piano lesson in 3 weeks because my teacher has been on vacation. That is wonderful for her, but I have been stuck on Bach’s Invention No. 10 for the past 2 months. I am really growing to despise this song. I just can not get my left hand to trill while my right hand is doing its own thing.  If I am going at a snail’s pace, yes, but if I am trying to go at a speed resembling anything that Bach intended, it sounds terrible.

I am almost completely finished with Burgmuller’s Op. 100. Thank heavenly goodness. Of course, she replaced it with those Czerny exercises which, so far, haven’t been too terrible, but it is early yet. And Clementi is about finished for the time being too. I don’t mind Clementi, but it won’t be painful to say good-bye to him either.

I guess I am just worried that I am going to go to my lesson, and she is going to wonder what I have been doing for the past three weeks. That wouldn’t surprise me because I am not playing the songs as if I have had them for three weeks. There is only so much a person can take. I actually did drop Bach on his head. On purpose. And it made me happy. Is that bad?

So, I have decided that while I understand that she is the teacher and knows what is best for my fingers, I am just going to have to tell her that I need to move on. I will let you know if that works or not.