I am going to lose count here pretty soon, I think.  But, here goes.

Are you ready for this one? It is a doozy. No, really. It is big. It is something that I never, ever thought that I would say out loud. Which is why I am having a hard time typing it out. I will get there. I think. This is Saturday Mom Confessions. A time to air it out. A time to be free of the guilt. Laugh at it. Or not. My confession is harmless. But, it doesn’t feel harmless because I have spent the past five years telling myself that I would never speak this. That this would never be me. Yes, I am procrastinating, but I will get there. Give me a moment.

Ok. I am ready.

I am starting to enjoy the time that the kids are in school.

There. I said it. Actually, I feel very guilty about this one. I am supposed to miss them when they are at school. And, I did. At first. The first couple of weeks were so hard. I wanted them home with me. I hated the restrictions that the school imposed. Well, there is more to it, and some of it still bothers me. For my homeschooling friends, I will tell you that it is a big, fat lie that you will have more time if your kids are in school because you won’t. (And you will still be teaching, too) But, I have discovered that it is kind of nice to do our own things for a few hours.

As a disclaimer, I still think that homeschooling is awesome, and I would never, ever tell someone to put their kids in school to get a few hours to themself. Who knows? I may do it again someday. But, right now, I am kind of starting to enjoy this. And I still feel guilty saying that out loud.

But, you know,  I love picking them up at the end of the day. I love listening to them tell me about their day. I love how Freckle Face makes sure to tell me who got in trouble for the day without telling me how he behaved. I love hearing my oldest complain about garbage duty. I love watching my girl take down and fold the flag. I love the time that I get to spend playing the piano and volunteering (and that is a whole ‘nother post). I just need to get over myself is what I need to do and enjoy it.

And, I would like to thank Melanie at Four Squares for making my little button and telling me how to set the whole thing up. I am pathetic when it comes to that kind of stuff.  She did steal the picture, but I will forgive her this one time because it makes me laugh.