So, what does it mean if you dream that you are swimming in the ocean trying to get through a pod of killer whales. Then, one of the whales decides it wants to eat you so you swim your little (or kinda big, but lets not go there) behind off to get to the little island that seems miles and miles away. You make it only to walk over to the nearest tree and read the tourist information on that tree like nothing ever happenend.

Ok, I know what it means. It means that there are too many killer whale designs in my town. I saw a milk delivery truck yesterday with a killer whale as its logo. What the heck do killer whales have to do with the milk that I pour over my cereal? What happened to cute, little cows? I don’t have any idea either. It also means that, even though I wouldn’t consider myself a tree hugger, so to say, I do care to know the names of all the trees. Ask my kids. They hate it when I quiz them when we walk the trails. Well, unless they get the names right, and I give them extra video game time as a reward.

 I also discovered that I am a kick butt swimmer. I out swam a killer whale! Does that count for my exercise today? I was going to get on the treadmill this morning, but I must have swum at least a mile in my dream. That has to count for something. My stomach muscles do seem a little sore. Hmm. I think it may count. Cool!

I also think it means that even though I have 5 gazillion things on my plate right now, I am not drowning. That is the coolest thing of all because I do have 5 gazillion things going on. It could be 6 gazillion, but I am trying really hard not to count them all. I was feeling slightly stressed last night, so I made a peanut butter cup out of chocolate chips and peanut butter. YUM. ME. I made one for my oldest too as a treat because he had a rough day yesterday. Then, we secretly ate them while the other two slept. I know, a little unfair, but we had a  greeting card moment. Can’t beat that. Anyway, it sure is amazing how chocolate makes you feel better isn’t it? It could be responsible for my freaky dreams, but I don’t care. Freaky dreams will never stop me from eating homemade peanut butter cups.