I saw my first leaping salmon of the season today. At first I thought it might have been something else because I thought it was a bit early, but nope, I saw a few more of them after that. I live near many salmon streams. They come back to this area and hang out in the sound for awhile. They leap and smack themselves on the water to loosen their eggs before swimming upstream. It is kind of fun to watch. Some of them have great height. I tried to grab a picture, but they are quick and unpredictable.

Unfortunately, I have never seen a salmon swimming upstream.  One year my dad took me and the kids to a stream to try and see them.  We didn’t see any salmon but we could sure smell that they had been there. They don’t only die when they lay their eggs they also stink up the place pretty well. That is a smell that gets in your nose and stays for awhile.

Maybe I will try and get a picture. It is kind of neat to see. Mostly I like to see them on my plate grilled on a cedar plank with a side of lemon, but they are entertaining when they are leaping too.