Tina at Jetihoja Academy  gave me this little award. This was so nice of her. I am really very flattered. She has recently started blogging again after taking the summer off. She is amazing in the lapbooking department, so if you need any ideas or links be sure to check her out.

The rules state that I must pass it on to five other bloggers. This is going to be very difficult. I love so many blogs. I just can’t pick five, but I will try.

3 hours later…

I can’t decide. I love too many blogs. I keep my favorites over there —–> . Or it is more like over one, up one, but you can see them, right?

There is just something about having to pick 5. It is like being told that you can only pick 5 kinds of wine for the rest of your life and you will never be able to try any other brand. Can you imagine that? Horrible. With so much out there to love, I just don’t think that I can pick 5. It is too limiting, and I am beginning to discover that I am a bit of a rebel anyway. I know! It surprises me too.

Anyway, thank you, Tina, for giving me this. It really made my day!