One week down. Just a little report.

The good:

  • The kids are having fun.
  • I am not teaching them. (extra bonus)
  • I have some quiet time. (I actually read a book.)
  • I am not packing up the school books everyday.
  • They are learning a lot of Bible verses. (Maybe that should be the first one?)


The not so good:

  • I hate packing lunches. (Can you believe that hot lunch is $2.25? That is crazy!)
  • I don’t like the busy work. (Worksheets make me cringe.)
  • I know I could get the kids done with school in half the time. (But,refer back to the good section. It isn’t me teaching them, so it can take them all day if that is what is takes.)

So, the good outweighs the not so good. There really isn’t a bad. Unless you want to count the packing lunches, but they have to eat. They don’t complain about what I pack them, but I have been given strict instructions not to put any more notes in my oldest’s lunchbox. You would think that I embarrassed him or something. Teenagers.