This is the #1 search on my blog. I guess there are a lot of us out there with wide feet. So, since there are so many of us, why are we having such a hard time finding cute shoes? There must be a market for wide shoes. Why can’t shoe companies take their shoes and add an inch or two on the side? They could charge me a little more. I would be fine with that. Just make some cute shoes for crying out loud!

Well, for those that are coming here looking for cute shoes, I would like to suggest  They are a little pricey, but worth it. They have free shipping, and free exchanges. You can also shop by width. I like that because it is very depressing to find a cute shoe and then discover that it doesn’t come in wide. Just start with the wide and don’t even look at the other shoes.

Oh, and for those of you that are squeezing your piggies into shoes that are too narrow, don’t do it. You will pay for it later. I promise. My daughter already know that pointy shoes are verboten.

I hope this helps. Have fun shopping!