More later…

Update: They are off. I didn’t cry. They had chapel this morning. I attended and then left. Now, here I am in the quiet. It is really quiet. Hmmm..I could get used to the quiet. More later….

Not a bad first day. The kids had a good time. My oldest sat at the computer for 3 hours working on his Geometry. I haven’t seen him that excited about math in a very long time. He is using a program called The Geometer’s Sketchpad. It looks cool. Geometry has never been my thing. The Geometry I had in school was all proofs. You know, make the T chart and prove that angle A is congruent to angle B. Oh, it was boring. This is not like that. I can’t say for sure how I will like it, but he seems to for now.

My girl brought all her books home to get all her work for the week done. I wonder how long that will last?

My little guy came home, bounced around the house like Quebert and drove the cat crazy. One would think that he didn’t get any recess even though I KNOW that he had 3 of them. He had a blast. I thought he would collapse with exhaustion, but nope.

Me? Well, I practiced piano, did some laundry, vaccumed the floors, and some other minor household chores. I know that I am going to miss them. A lot. I will get busy and then it will fly by. Truthfully, I have some hurt feelings because they had so much fun today, but I will never tell them that. I am excited because they are excited. Hopefully, it stays that way.