Let me start off by saying that I do not like dogs. At all. I blame it on my dad, but there it is. (Sorry, dad) So, anyway, I am in my car yesterday with my kids who are safely buckled in. My 7 year old in his car seat that he despises, but it is the law in my state and it really is safer for him. Yet, in the space of 100 feet I see 2 people driving with their dogs on their laps. Oh, this irritates me.

Why does this irritate me? Oh, I am so glad that you asked because I am in the mood to vent about something. First of all, I don’t care really care that the dog is in the car, but must it sit in the driver’s lap? The driver could honestly tell me that the dog does not get in the way of the steering wheel or the ability of the driver to make a quick decision if necessary? I am sure that the dog sits very still and doesn’t move at all, right? It just wants to stick his head out of the window. Sure. Ok.

Well, what if said driver were to accidentally rear end someone because they couldn’t quite see over the head of their beloved dog? And what if their air bag was to deploy because of said accident? Ouch. I am sure there is nothing like having a little dog smashed into your body by an air bag that is deploying at 100 mph. That must feel really nice. Especially for the dog.  And if the air bag doesn’t deploy, I am sure the dog would really enjoy seeing the windshield close up. Have you seen what happens to stuff in the car that isn’t tied down when a car is in an accident?

I suppose this irritates me because I don’t understand the need to take a dog everywhere. I mean, a person driving with their dog doesn’t really affect me unless it is my car they are hitting. So, whatever. Oh, and for the people that feel the need to take their dogs to the farmer’s markets and stuff like that, I don’t want to pet your dog. I don’t want my kids to pet your dog no matter how sweet you say your dog is. Sorry. I am just a big meanie, I suppose.