It is official. My husband got his orders. We are staying which I still think is nothing short of a miracle. I am so happy about this. We don’t have to sell our house in this market. We planned to retire here so this was going to be our “for a long time house”.  He planned to retire in 2 years, but his advancement changed that for him. I think he has almost resigned himself to 4 more years. I think. Maybe. At least he doesn’t talk about it much anymore. So much for planning.

Oh, and this week he will graduate with his BA in English from the University of Maryland! First of all, I am  extremely proud of him. It was a challenge to balance his job, us, and his school work, but he did a very good job. The only time his school really bothered me was a Thanksgiving weekend a few years ago. He had a ginormous research paper to write and he saved most of it for the last minute. We didn’t see him for 4 days except to come out and eat turkey with us. I laugh about it now, but I was pretty tired of his school work back then. It has been a long ride, and I am glad that he is done. He is talking about a Masters degree now. I  have asked him to at least give me a few months to just enjoy him without his school work again.

School starts in three weeks. Excuse me for a moment while I hyperventilate. I go back and forth from “yeah, school starts in 3 weeks!!’ to “Oh, my gosh, I hope that we have made the right decision”. I don’t discuss it much with others except my sister. Everyone seems to tell me that we are doing the right thing which I appreciate, but I have stopped selling my cirriculum if that says anything to you. My husband isn’t pushing me to do it either. I will try and not psychoanalyze this for now.

My husband has mentioned that I could go back to school and finish my degree that I started umpteen years ago. That doesn’t really interest me. Besides, I was a Biology major, so I am sure that none of my credits would transfer anymore. I will not lie and say it didn’t appeal to me for a half a second, but then I thought of the writing. I don’t like writing. I know, I know, I have a blog, but this isn’t real writing. Hey, can you major in Algebra?

Just a quick piano note..I am almost done with Invention No. 4. Have I mentioned that I do not like trills? Well, just to torture me further she has assigned me No. 10. More trills. Lovely. I am almost finished with Burgmuller. (He has little umlauts over the u. How do you type those?) I wonder what I will move to when I am done with that? I have been asked to teach a family that I know. I am really considering it. It would finance my lessons. I have 3 kids taking lessons this year. I could get a car with what I am paying in lessons. Sheesh. But, it is worth it.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes! That really made my day.