For school, that is. I registered the kids for school. ACK! I had been putting that off for awhile. Then, the principal stopped me and asked when I was planning on making it official. Well, um, I didn’t know. I talked to my hubby about it. He told me to just go and do it. ACK! He saw the look on my face. “How do you feel about this?” he asked me. “It is all fine.” I told him.  Maybe. ACK!  But, I did it. They are registered for school. It was only mildly painful. You know, when I wrote the check. ACK!

 I stopped and talked to Freckle Face’s teacher for a long time. She wanted to know if 2nd grade math or 3rd grade math was going to be better for him. She said to me, “You know him. You know where he is. I don’t know, so I am going to let you decide.” WOW! I thought. That is huge. We talked about his reading, his writing, and his feet. We talked about about what she has planned for the year. He is going to have so much fun. I felt much better after talking to her.

My other two will be in the same class. I talked to their teacher for just a bit. He asked me about my math for them. My oldest will be taking a Geometry course. It sounds like a good course. I am kind of bummed that the school doesn’t teach Algebra, but I am glad that they are not going to make him retake Pre-Algebra. That would be pretty redundant for him. My gorgeous girl is right where she should be, so all is well.

I was pretty impressed that the school makes accomodations for the kids’ abilities. Not just for my kids, but for all the kids in the school. I was also impressed that the teachers really wanted to hear my opinions and concerns. I haven’t decided what to do about the math class. I have also been asked by a parent if I would think about teaching a Latin class. I don’t know about that. I really have to think about that. I am kind of looking forward to a year of no lesson plans or teaching.

I really hope that I am ready for this. I am 90% sure that I am. Remember the cloud? It is still gone. I am just going to go with that.