Wow. That is what I paid for Rainier cherries today. I was a little shocked as the were scanned at the register. I was prepared for them to be expensive, but the $15 kind of shocked me. Of course, if I had read the scale right, I wouldn’t have been so surprised. There is a big difference between kg and pounds. Good thing that I didn’t say anything at the register. I just pretended that I was expecting them to be that much. My hubby laughed at me all the way to the car.

Honestly, I would have bought them anyway. I can not have summer without eating Rainier Cherries at least one time. Have you tried Rainier Cherries? They are sweeter then red cherries without the nasty staining. My kids love them. I have to limit their intake to make sure there are enough for me when I buy them.

There is more to the story for me, though, and that is why I will buy them. I spent a lot of time at my grandparents’ house when I was a kid. They lived very close to my parents, and when my parents had a meeting at church or something, I would go there. They had a very good size yard and my grandpa loved to garden. He had several gardens. He also had two large cherry trees. One was a Rainier Cherry tree. In the summer my grandfather would reach up into the tree with this handy-dandy tree branch grabber that he had made for himself and shake the branches of the tree. Then we kids would dash around the tree picking up all the cherries that landed on the ground. We were allowed to eat as many as we wanted. Even when grandpa wasn’t picking we were allowed to eat them right off the tree.

He had raspberries too. He made these buckets from empty milk cartons. We would hang them around our neck and this freed up both of our hands for picking raspberries. Or, in my case, one for picking and one for eating. He never said anything to me about the number of raspberries that I ate, and I ate a lot of them. If you haven’t had a raspberry straight from the bush, you are missing out. I am sorry. They are good from the store, but it isn’t the same.

So, $15 for cherries. I paid it. I even smiled while I paid it. Then, tonight at dinner we ate them for dessert. Yes, it was worth it.