I am finished with Bach’s Invention No. 8. I really did enjoy this one. I never did get the piece to full speed, but close.  I think Melanie told me that it would just be showing off, anyway. I went with that.

I have moved on to Invention No. 4. I am not liking this one as well. I think it has something to do with the trill that lasts 4 measures (or is it 5?) Let me check……. Ok, it is 3 measures once and 5 measures later. I have never been good at trills and these trills take almost all the joy out of the piece for me. I know. Go slow. My plan is to work extremely hard on this piece so that I can move on to the next one.

Today’s lesson involved a lot of proper body posture, breathing, and the way my hands should hit the keys. This is to avoid injury. I still can’t get over that I can get injured playing the piano, but it makes sense. There is carpal tunnel syndrome and all kinds of small muscle injuries that can happen in the wrist and hands. Anyway, it will involve more exercises. No, I don’t get to quit Hanon. Isn’t that a bummer? It also involves much more concentration because I have to pay attention to my body as well as the music. I think I am going to pull out some super easy music to practice it. It really is good to learn because I think that it will help my playing when it comes to the long runs. My fingers have a tendency to get tangled on the long ones.

I really want to keep up my lessons, but with gas prices and private school tuition coming up I am not sure how long I will be able to keep going. My hubby is determined that I keep going for awhile. He really wants to see me go somewhere with this, but I am not sure where I am supposed to go. I don’t want to quit. I want to keep it up for at least a year from my start date. We will see. When I told her that I was going to be putting my kids in private school as a hint that I may need to quit, she happily said that I will now have more time to practice. I am just going to go with that for now. 🙂