I have some more beach pictures for you. Let’s just get right to them. Shall we?

This one is really gross. I admit it. I was fascinated by its grossness. I don’t think that is a word, but that is Ok because it is gross. I had no idea what it was. Once again I couldn’t convince my kids to touch it. Where did these kids come from? I thought for sure that freckle face would touch it for me. Nope. Well, I sure wasn’t going to touch it. It was gross, but I already said that. I just wanted to say it again for added emphasis. It was too slimy to be a star fish. Yes, I could tell without touching it. And I thought too skinny to be a sea cucumber. I wasn’t about to lift the rock that it was under, either. When you lift rocks at the beach you end up with lots of little crabs scurrying all over the place trying to run for safety. They aren’t really scary, but it is just a weird feeling to lift something and then see all kinds of little things moving. It is like seeing a snake in the grass. You know what I am talking about, right? Then we saw this…

 See the orange tip on the end of the sea cucumber? So, mystery solved. That nasty thing above is just the end of a sea cucumber. I really should have known that, but it was cold. Yeah, there we go. It was cold. My kids actually overturned this rock, and that is how we located this cucumber and the Rock Gunnel and the pretty good size little rock crab there to the right. I still think the sea cucumber is gross.

Isn’t that much better. Isn’t she pretty? Or he. I don’t know. Doesn’t matter. There were quite a few of the purple ones on the beach that day. A lot of them were squished between rocks which made it hard to see them. This one, however, was picture perfect. (Click on it to get a better look)

The best part about walking on the beach is getting to hold the stuff that we want to hold. We are very friendly with the sea stars. We don’t pick them up if they don’t want to be picked up. How do we know what they want? Well, they are stubborn little creatures. If they are stuck to a rock it is really hard to get them off. Plus, it hurts. They aren’t smooth, little creatures. These ones have small spines on them, and they are kind of sharp. One try was all it took for me to realize that if they don’t want to be held, that is fine by me. It is nice to hold some of the more easy going ones. It sure does beat the “one finger touch” stuff that you get at the aquarium.

We did have a good time. Everything at the beach stayed at the beach. Maybe someday we will get to go with dad. That would be a nice change. We will show him where all the cool stuff is and maybe, since he doesn’t get creeped out easily, he will touch some of it for us.