I just wanted to give a quick update. We lost power again today. I have no idea why. The wind wasn’t blowing or anything, but it was out for a couple of hours. Strange. Anyway, while I was plugging everything back in, I had the brilliant idea of plugging in my router just to see if it worked. It does. I am very glad. I sit here in my comfy chair typing up this quick note. The only explanation I have is that the guy on the phone, the one I couldn’t understand because he mumbled ever so softly, wasn’t exactly sure what he was doing. He probably should have reset my signal before making me unplug everything. So, it wasn’t my router, I just needed a signal reset. I am not upset. I am just glad that I thought to plug it back in and that it worked.

In other news, we went beach combing again today. We had a really low tide. Are you tired of looking at beach pictures yet? I hope not because I have a bunch that I am going to upload later. It will be fun!