Well, a couple of my unknowns have been solved and that makes me very happy. My hubby got his orders. It is the job that we wanted. We do not have to move. This is outstanding news! I am almost giddy with relief. If you saw my house, you would know why I am glad that I am not moving. Plus I don’t have to switch doctors for my little guy who is doing pretty well. And of course the biggest one of all, I don’t have to find a new hair stylist!

I am feeling quite spoiled lately. All this good news raining down on me. This does settle some things that I have been wrestling with. The biggest one is about school. My kids are going next year. They will be going to the school at my church. For various reasons I have continued to homeschool even though I had the school as an option. Those reasons are no longer relative and my kids are older. And darn it, I am tired. So, next year it will be much different around here. I am kind of looking forward to it, actually. I never thought that I would say that, but I am. How do the kids feel about it? The younger two are excited, but the jury is still out for the oldest.  There are parts that I am going to miss; dinosaur eating stories, funny math answers, and going to the park on a school day. I do wonder what it is going to be like to be part of the “my kids go to school”  world again. Crazy in a different way, I suppose, but I think that I am ready for a new kind of crazy.