Now that school is out I think that is time to do some reading. Some fun reading. I went to the library and grabbed a couple of books that look fun. We will see how they turn out. I do read Janet Evanovich’s new one every summer. It is total brain candy, but that is what summer reading is for.

I tell my kids that reading is like eating. Just like we have to eat our fruits and veggies, we have to read some stuff that might not be a lot of fun, but it is good for our brain. However, life would be extremely dull if we didn’t get to throw a little candy in our diet now and then. In my opinion, that is what summer reading is for. I don’t oversee their reading in the summer. They have to read, but they get to read whatever they want. If that means that my oldest is bringing out the Star Wars novel for the 20th time, that is OK. My parents didn’t oversee my summer reading, and I managed to pick out some pretty good books on my own. I trust my kids will do the same.

Ok, and now for the million dollar question. What are you going to be reading this summer? Anything good? I would love to see your reading list. It will give me some ideas. Oh, and no thanks, Melanie, I quit reading Stephen King a long time ago. He gives me nightmares. Keep that one to yourself.