Ok, I am done.  The kids still have to do their end of the year testing. I am not worried about that. We have been doing some of the test prep books and they are ready. I am ready to pack up the books and not feel guitly about their school work anymore. We haven’t been getting much done around here anyway with everything that has been going on. It is really hard for me to stay focused. Well, that has always been a problem, I just have something to blame it on right now so I am going to take advantage of it.

In other news, we are still waiting on orders. Still! I am about ready to book an airline flight to the detailer and ask him what is up. Can you imagine how mortified my hubby would be? That would be hilarious. I really just need to know, but the Navy doesn’t care. They don’t feel my pain. I think they enjoy the torture they put us through.