Disclaimer: I had these published earlier, but I thought they sounded snarky ,so I took them off. However, I have had several of them said to me lately (including #10), and I am going to post them again as a way of venting my frustration. Dear readers, please do not feel these comments are directed at you because they are not. You have all been most supportive.

10. You knew that he would be gone a lot when you married him. Or  You are the one who married him. (ouch! Not to mention rude.)

9. At least you get free housing. (Bwahahahaha!)

8. But they pay you more when he is gone, right? (yeah. They do. But we would rather have them home. Although, with gas prices being what they are, it might be a toss up. I’m kidding! )

7. Well, at least you have email. (Yeah, it is nice, but sometimes it makes it worse. I have done it with email and without. I prefer the email, but he still isn’t here.)

6. Don’t worry. It will go by fast. (It never goes by fast)

5. I could never do what you do. (Now, we realize that this is meant to be a compliment and we try to take it as such, but we don’t like doing it and we know that you could do it too, if you really needed to)

4. Aren’t you going home while he is gone? (Ummm? This isn’t home?)

3. Three months? Oh, that isn’t so bad. (Ok, just because we do longer ones sometimes doesn’t mean the shorter ones are easier. They still stink.)

2. When is he leaving again? (Most likely it is too soon, or not soon enough. It kind of depends on the day. LOL)

1. I don’t know how you do it. (Most days we don’t either, but usually it is just one day at a time.)