Today we had a good time walking along the beach. There was a really low tide. That always makes things a little interesting. I have a couple of great pictures for you today thanks to a couple of friendly diggers.

This insansely gross creature is called a geoduck. (pronounced gooey-duck)  This one is on the small side, but no less difficult to dig out if my observations were correct. I watched the couple dig the thing out. It was A LOT of work. One had to hang on to the clam and the other had to dig very, very fast. They were very wet and muddy when they were all done. So, these are edible. Can’t imagine why anyone would want to eat them, but I guess you steam them or something and then pull them out of their shell if you were so inclined. These are somewhat of a delicacy in some parts of the world and I guess my area is known for them. The beach where we were was covered in them. I couldn’t see them because they are buried, but we could see them squirting their water into the air from little holes all over the beach. It was like a bunch of miniature Old Faithfuls. Once or twice I was nearly squirted. If we were really quiet, we could hear them squirting all around us. It was like running water. Now, just a bit of trivia for you. These are one of the longest living creatures in the animal kingdom. They can live up to something like 164 years. They can also get quite large. Here, why don’t I just give you a website that explains the mysteries of the geoduck.  I do have a question, though. Is that little shell really supposed to protect the thing? Because it doesn’t look like it would do a very good job.

Isn’t this clam ginormous? It was pretty heavy too. It is called a horse clam. If I were to make a guess I would say it gets its name from its size, but I am going out on a limb here. I am not really a clam person, but I suppose that you could make quite a bit of clam chowder with this baby if you really wanted to.

The nice couple that let us look at their bucket of treaures offered my kids a couple of clams to take home since kids do not need a license for claming (does that have 2 m’s?). I thought that this was very sweet of them, but 1) I don’t know how to cook the creatures and 2) the thought of fresh clams in my warm car on the way home just wasn’t working for me. The kids were not disappointed. After seeing these awesome creatures, I am not sure they will order fried clams again. I am not sure that I will.

We had another fabulous day. Fabulous from the latin fabula. Just thought I would throw that out there for fun. In case any one cares, but no one probably does. And that is really OK.