I have now been taking piano lessons for three months. I have learned so much in that short period of time. It surprises me. I keep thinking, “why have I not heard of this before now?” I took piano lessons for about 7 years. I would think that I would have had some of this information before. But I am learning it now, so that is cool. It is great to look at the music and see it a little differently.

My teacher is a great teacher, but she also requires a lot. That is a good thing because I am paying her, and I would expect her to tell me it is wrong when it is wrong. She has great analogies. My favorite so far is that the presentation of music is like eating out. When you go out to eat, presentation is a large part of your meal. You get a different presentation at a fast food resturant than you would at a fine dining resturant. Ok, I can see that. Then, she compared my playing to fast food. But that is OK, she said. She said that we were working on getting me up to a pancake house.  I had to laugh because that is just hilarious. Other days are harder. Some days I feel like I will never play piano well. I come home from my lesson feeling a little discouraged, but I keep working at it anyway.

But this week! This week I had a great lesson. She told me that she could really see improvement in my playing and that my music is starting to have dimension. (The Hallelujah chorus is going off in my brain. The gray sky is opening to reveal beams of sunlight coming down from above.) I may even graduate from Clementi. I am thrilled.

 I also have to admit, albeit less than willingly, that Hanon is helping. I still hate it. I still think that he should remain buried under piles and piles of better music, but I do see improvement in my fingers. Blah.  I guess I will keep practicing Hanon.

Oh, and she wants me to play for church. That is fine. I have played for church before. The problem is that the song I am going to play is 6 pages long, and she wants it 80% memorized. Bwahahahaha! No, really. Then she said next month would be a great time to play it. Bwahahahahaha! Yeah. I will let you know how it goes.