Today I was expecting a phone call from my hubby. So, in typical military wife fashion, I waited by the phone. Or, the phone waited by me. Either way, I had the cell phone in my pocket.

But, I remember the days of waiting by the phone, afraid to leave the house in the hopes that he might call. The phone would ring, my heart would jump, and I would pick up only for it to be the phone company wanting me to change my long distance service. Agh. “I can’t talk!” I would say. I had to keep the line open. It was crucial.

Later, we would get caller ID and call waiting. Things were better then. I could talk to my friend, who was also waiting for her hubby to call, and waste time while we were waiting for that quiet, little beep to go off in the background. The words “Out of Area” were my favorite words to see on the caller ID screen. Unless I missed the call. But, we won’t talk about that.

Still, things got even better. Email! What a wonderful little invention. We would play email tag long into the night when he was overseas. We couldn’t talk, but we could “talk” . (Actually, we still do this now, and if you all are wondering why you are getting so many blog hits..Well, that would be me because I am at the computer playing email tag.) I still had to wait on those phone calls, though.

But NOW! Oh, it is even better, and I will tell you why.

I waited most of the day for the phone to ring, and it did. woo hoo! And, we talked for a bit, but he had some things he had to do, so we hung up with a promise to talk later. 20 minutes later I had a revelation! He has a cell phone now and I know his number! Oh. My. Goodness. I dialed the number. It rang. It rang again. And miracle of all miracles, he picked up! I called him. I can not tell you what that felt like. It was almost like He-Man raising his sword and shouting “I have the power!”     Seriously.  

What a nice day…