So, I get online yesterday and the first news story is about our diet. No, it isn’t that we should eat better or that organic vegatables are the way to go. No, it is about a woman’s diet determining the sex of her baby. Seriously. I about fell out of my chair. You can read it yourself here.  

Now, I am pretty sure that I remember that a baby’s sex is determined by two chromosomes; an X and a Y. I also remember that women only carry the X chromosome and that men carry both the X and the Y. Ok. We all have that, right? Cool. At conception, two haploid sets of chromosomes come together to make the map work for a unique human being. Very cool. That baby will either be a boy or a girl depending on which chromosome got first prize an X or a Y. We all get that, right?

Ok, so who in the world spent time financing this study? Are there people out there that are going to actually believe that our diet can determine the sex of our unborn baby? If anything I would be looking at the diet of the guys. This is a ridiculous study. Nothing like going backwards. I am flabbergasted. That is all I can say.