The kids and I went to a park yesterday. It was a very cool park. No restroom facilities which was a bummer, but it had a great beach. It was a beach with sand! The kids were able to build sandcastles. That doesn’t happen around here much. We have a lot of beaches, but they are rocky.

My friend and I were sitting on the beach enjoying the view, eating our lunch, and happily chatting. When I hear my little guy say, “We found a skull! We found a skull!”  When was the last time you found a skull on the beach? Yeah. Exactly.

I turned around to see what the boys were hopping and screaming about. I took a look. Yeah, I could see how it might look like a skull. “Oh,” I said, “I think that is just a peice of driftwood, guys.”

“No, Mom, it is a skull.” (emphasis on skull)

My friend decides that we need to go check it out. Afterall, it might really be a skull. I decide to go along wtih her, but a skull? I don’t think so. 

“I think this really is a skull, guys.” She says. “Look, here you can see the nasal cavity and the place for the ears. I wonder what kind of skull it is?”

I can’t deny it any longer. It is definitely a skull. The top of the skull is round. There are no distinct eye sockets, but the nasal cavity is distinct and so is the mandible. The sockets for the teeth are clearly visible. Being the slueths that we are, we decide that it is probably the skull of a seal.  Part of it is still decaying and pretty yucky. As we start explaining to my boy to keep away from it, we hear. “Another skull! I found another skull.”

What? We walk over. Her son did not find another skull, but he found the rest of the seal. See what good detectives we are? We decided that we are pretty smart. We laughed one of those “oh, my gosh this is so funny but so disgusting at the same time” laughs, then told the boys to stay away from it.

I get a little queasy thinking of that seal. Blah. It was highly decomposed and not stinky, but we decided to move far down the beach anyway. I think that I like the algae lesson that we got later that afternoon a lot better, and I don’t have a weak stomach.