So, I had to make a trip to the DOL. Yes, the highly esteemed Department of Licensing. I had to get a renewal. Because we are military, I haven’t renewed my license in a long, long time. I decided that I had put it off long enough and had it done.

What is it about getting a new license that makes your palms sweat? Maybe it is sitting in the uncomfortable chairs for long periods of time. (You know you have to call it a day when you go in there. Well, your morning is shot, anyway.) You don’t want to get up and use the bathroom because there could be a miracle, and they could get to your number while you are in there.   Maybe it is sticking your head on the button on the eye checker box. Ewwww…how many other people have put their head on this thing today? When was the last time you went to the eye doctor anyway? Are you going to be able to read the top line? Shoot, what is that first letter? Is it an O or Q? You go with O. Phew! Must have been right.  Time for a picture. Say cheese! You say a quick prayer that the photo will at least resemble you somewhat. The lady behind the camera was nice today and you got a good picture! What? You put me through this pain and suffering and you want me to pay for it? Sheesh! Finally finished.  You almost want to skip out the of the DOL, but you refrain. There are a lot of people looking at you. They are probably just jealous because they still have at least 30 minutes to wait.

So, there it is. The realities of obtaining a new license. Now, how do I get stickers for my car again?