I had a late start this morning. So, I gave the kids the math lesson and went upstairs to get dressed. I guess there was a squabble in my absence. I came downstairs and discovered my girl missing. I asked my son where she was and he replied, “Oh, she got mad at me and went upstairs to do her work.”

Oh. OK. No biggie. This is happening more frequently lately. I don’t blame her. Her brother has been pushing everyone’s buttons lately, including mine.

I sit down to do a little math with Stinker (my little guy). We are having a pretty good time playing a guessing game when I have a note dropped in my lap. It reads:

Dear Mom, Stinker, and M,

I, (insert her name), do not want to come down stairs becaus of (insert older brother’s name). Stinker or Mom did not do anything wrong. I’ll only come down for breakfast, lunch, dinner, computer, and TV. Please send my Grammer because I have finished my math. My math will be waiting by my door.


P.S. Please make sure (insert irritating older brother’s name) doesn’t bring it up.

Well, she is irritated. I can plainly see that. I am actually impressed with her grammar usage. She only had a couple of spelling erros and used proper punctuation. I am having a proud mommy moment. I even feel a reward of chocolate coming my way. Truthfully, I don’t mind if she wants to do all her school work in her room. It cuts down on the bickering. And, since she clearly states that I am still in her good graces, I have nothing to worry about. Now, where did I hide the chocolate?