Applie has informed me that we are all family here. I suppose that is true, so I have decided to share the HUGE family secret of the butterscotch cookies. 

(big breath) OK. Here it is. You make the recipe on the back of the Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip bag, but instead of adding chocolate chips you add butterscotch.

Phew! I did it. Chocolatechic, I was just joking with you. It isn’t really a secret. I would just really love to have a family secret recipe. You know, like the guy who shared his baked beans recipe with the family dog? Yeah. Like that.  But, alas, my family has no secret recipe. My hubby tells me that I am a good cook, but the majority of my recipes just come from the internet or the back of the box. (Those really are some of the easiest and best recipes.) Nothing fancy over here.

I don’t fiddle with recipes or change things around. I never have. I figure that someone else spent a bunch of time trying to get it right. It must taste good or it wouldn’t be on the back of the box. You know? I will leave things out. My family doesn’t like peppers much. And, I must brag a bit. I can usually tell by looking at a recipe if my family will eat it. Yes, Melanie, they would eat the Hawaiian Ham Skillet. Let it go.

Anyway, so there it is. My the family’s secret recipe. I hope you are all happy now. LOL