A long time ago I bought a big bucket of dinosaur sorting animals. They are kind of like the sorting bears only they are in the shape of dinosaurs. Much better for my guy. Anyway, I thought we would do a quick review of story problems today. He loves it when we play with the counting dinosaurs.

So, I put two dinosaurs on the table and I said, “These two dinosaurs are going to the store.” He laughs. I suppose it is kind of silly for dinosaurs to be going to the store, so I giggle with him.

 I bring out two more dinosaurs. I say, “These two dinosaurs want to go to the store with them. What kind of problem is this?” Now he is really laughing.

“Well?” I ask him. I think that I am missing something. No, I know that I am missing something.

“Mom! It is an eating problem.” He continues to laugh.

Huh? “It is?” I say.

“Yeah, these two going to the store are leaf eaters and the ones coming with them are meat eaters. The leaf eaters are going to be eaten for lunch. (insert some good chewing and chomping sounds and a sinister laugh)

Yeah. He is such a goofball.

Note to self: make sure the dinosaurs in future story problems are compatible.