This past weekend I was able to attend a women’s retreat through my church. The weather was gorgeous. The area was gorgeous. I stood and marveled at the beauty of God’s mountains for a long, long time. There is nothing more beautiful in nature than the Hood Canal with the glorious Olympic Mountains standing in splendor behind it. I could have stood there all day except my feet would have gotten tired and my back would have started to hurt. ( I am not 25 anymore, don’t ya know?) But, I would have stood there all day if I could have.

It was a fun weekend. If I learned anything this weekend it is that I am not a weaver. One of the ladies that was at the retreat has sheep. She shears the sheep, and then she spins and dyes the wool herself. She brought a bunch of it to the retreat for us to play with. She had everything we need to make bookmarks. I thought to myself, “How fun! This is so cool and homeschoolerish!” There were a couple of other ladies that were standing there weaving their bookmarks on their cardboard holders. I joined the fun. One of the ladies tried to give me a heads-up and told me to make sure that I didn’t make my yarn too long. Whoops! I didn’t listen very well and I was constantly untangling my yarn. I tried to warn other ladies that came over, but they didn’t listen either. Maybe it is because we are all so determined? I don’t know. (Actually, I think we just didn’t want to tie off our yarn and have to start again. ie. lazy. )

The use of a tongue depressor was supposed to help keep the yarn seperated and even when I was weaving. I still had a hard time making sure that I was going over and under properly, tongue depressor or no tongue depressor. (It was so depressing. LOL) Then, I noticed that my bookmark was starting to take a lovely hour-glass figure. Now, I know that all of us women would love a nice hour-glass figure, but your woven bookmark should be straight as a board. *sigh* Mine was not going to take that shape. Here is a picture of my finished product.


Yes, yes. Go ahead and giggle. It is Ok. I am tough. I can take it. See? I am not a weaver. Fortunately for me, the picture is small and blurry and you can not see how truly horrid it is. But, hey, it was my first try. It really takes a lot of patience. Something that I had in only short supply that night. I loved her yarn. The colors were lovely. Too bad that I couldn’t make something more beautiful out of it. Oh, I am never going to get rid of my little bookmark. It was too much work. I am going to use it, and use it proudly. I suppose I could get all deep and talk about how the weaving is like my life and…yeah, not going there. It is just a poorly woven bookmark. 🙂