This is all you need to make a handy, dandy child entertainment instrument. (aka what my little guy is doing in the picture below)

1. Cut a piece of yarn about yay long. Or about 18 inches, whatever you find easier.

2. Lay the spoon in the middle of your yarn and tie a knot around the spoon.

3. Wrap one end of the string around your index finger and the other end around your other index finger.

4. Plug your ears with your index fingers.

5. Now, hit the spoon against the edge of the table.

Ok, now, go and do that and I will wait here for you to get back.

Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do…Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do…. *yeah. I will stick to piano.*

Oh, you are back! Great! How did it sound? It should have sounded like a church bell ringing in your ears. I thought that it was pretty cool. Hubby thought that it was pretty cool. My guy thought it was so cool that he walked around the house banging the spoon on anything and everything for 20 minutes. I wonder if you get a different sound when you bang it on different things? I don’t know. I forgot to ask him.

So, there you go. That is what he was doing. Isn’t that great? Let me know if it works for you.