I had a flash back to my childhood this morning while I was pouring my son’s Apple Jacks. I remember sitting at the kitchen table and arguing with my brother and sister. We would argue over the prize in the cereal box. Remember those days? Man, those were some silly little prizes, but, boy, did we fight over them.

I think my mom may have tried a few different ways to keep us from arguing over them. I don’t remember what they were exactly, but I am sure it was one of those “fun” things that moms get to deal with. I do remember that we would put our hands in the cereal box and dig around in all the cereal for the prize. It was like a treasure hunt! If that didn’t work we would pull the liner out of the box and hunt for it that way. It was really a pain trying to get the cereal liner back into the box. It never fit right. It was always bulging and mom would know that we had been digging for the prize again. Those were some good times. If you are a child of the 70’s you know what I am talking about.

What happened to cereal box toys? That is what I was wondering today. My little guy was excited because if I send in 6 “tokens” he would get this dumb little radio thing. Of course I am not going to do that. In the old days they would have put the dumb little radio thing inside the box of cereal, and mom would have only had to deal with a toy lying around the house not saving tokens. What is up with that?  Anyway, he was going on because the box said that it was FREE. (When did he learn to read that word, anyway?) I tried to explain to him that it isn’t really free because mom has to buy 6 boxes of cereal, save the tokens, and then wait 6-8 weeks to receive it in the mail. All he had to hear was that he would have to wait 6-8 weeks and he lost interest.

I am really disappointed in the cereal companies. If it is not on sale, cereal costs over $3.00 a box. Sometimes even $4.00. No, I never pay that, but still! I refuse to pay $12.00 for a dumb, little radio thingy that probably costs them 50 cents to make in China. It just makes me kind of sad. They are missing out on treasure hunting in the cereal. Oh, I suppose that it is gross, but I don’t eat the Apple Jacks. So, I wouldn’t care if they were digging in it. I would care if they were dumping it all over the floor. Yes. But, treasure hunting? No.

Anyway, that is my beef for the day. Hey, I hope that everyone had a sweet Valentine’s Day. 🙂 Don’t eat all the chocolate in one sitting.