So, what would you like to hear about first? Should I give you the bad news first? Ok.

Grocery prices are socking it to me. How about you? What is up with the price of cheese? That was enough to send me over the edge today as I was doing my bi-monthly grocery shopping. (Well, that and the fact that I left my awesome coupons at home. Grr…) The high prices seem to cover the entire dairy aisle. We are a dairy loving family, so it was very painful. I was excited that grapes were $2.00 a pound. How sad is that? But, really, what are you supposed to do? The family has to eat.  I did make a menu and I stayed pretty close to my list. Even though I did forget most of my coupons at home, I still managed to save $16. I am just kicking myself because I know that I could have saved almost twice that if I had remembered the others. I am sure that all of you can relate to this bad news. I just wanted to whine about it. Anyone want to come over and put them away for me? No? Are you sure?  Well, you can’t blame a girl for trying.

Now, the good news! Good news is so much better isn’t it? My good news is about my little guy. For 2 years I have been traveling to different doctors and the physical therapist. I can’t believe that it has been two years. Time goes so fast. This past week he met with Dr. C. It has been 6 months since we have seen him. We have still been going to physical therapy once a week and wearing AFO’s. Well, my guy’s feet has improved a lot! his range of motion is at +10 on one foot and +5 on the other. You need +20 for a normal gait, but he is able to walk on his flat feet. Dr. C believes that it is pretty unlikely that my guy has any neurological issues. This is wonderful! The neurologist wants to test for some genetic thing, but we have decided not to do that. The funny thing is that everyone is still scratching their head. If it isn’t neurological and it isn’t sensory, then what is it? Why will he wear his AFO’s all day, walk in a normal pattern, and then take his shoes off and hop back up on his toes? No one knows. We just have to be very careful that he doesn’t get tight again. It is possible that he still may need surgery one day, but I am going to bask in the good news for awhile.

 I have decided that I am going to hang a huge, flashing sign in my house that says “HEELS DOWN!”. If I had dollar for everythime I said that I would be a millionaire. I have said it about 10 times just while typing this post. *sigh* Some day maybe I won’t have to say it anymore. That would be wonderful. Next update: 1 year. 🙂