Elaine tagged me for seven weird things about me. I am surprised that I got tagged again since I cheated last time, but hey, I am game.

Let us see here. Weird things about me? 


I like Algebra. (There’s one.)


I like Hanon. (Not! LOL)


I am sorry, Elaine. I just can’t think of anything. I asked hubby what makes me weird and he said, “Oh, no. I am not playing that game. You have to think of those things all by yourself.” Man, he is smart. No wonder I love him.

So, I guess that I am just normal. Nothing weird about me. Nope. Normal as you get. Yep.

I mean, everybody loves to eat raw cake batter, right? And everyone would rather surf the internet than do laundry, right? And I know all my friends would play DDR with me if given the chance. 🙂 

Maybe I will think of something later. I will let you know if something pops into my brain. Thanks for tagging me, Elaine.