I had a dentist appointment yesterday morning. My little guy had a little filling and I had a cleaning. The appointment was early, and he and I headed out to the van to go. I could not open my driver side door. Huh. I couldn’t open the sliding door to let the little guy in, either. Double huh. I walked around and tried the other door. That one wouldn’t open. I am starting to get nervous. The other sliding door wouldn’t open. Oookkkkk.. I live in Washington. Sure, I lived in Chicago and it got cold there. But, I moved here from Florida. Doors don’t get frozen shut in Florida. I had forgotten what to do in such a situation so I was beginning to panic. I went to the trunk of the van. It opened! Hallelujah chorus!

The little guy loves climbing through the trunk of the van. He climbed right over the seats like nothing was wrong. I uttered a silent prayer, “Please, God, do not let any of the neighbors see my big hiney trying to get over the back seat of the van. Thank you for your graciousness. Amen.”

I climbed over the back seat of the van. I didn’t see another soul. God is good. I nearly wrenched my back out, but I managed to find my way through the garbage in the back seat to get to the front. (The kids are going to have to clean out the back seat. It is nasty back there! Ewwww.) I started the car, but realized that I was not going to be able to wait for the car to warm up enough to defrost the window and get to the dentist on time.

Sooo..I climbed out through the back of the van. Again. Little guy stayed in and played Gameboy. He was so helpful. I ran into the house and filled a couple of pitchers with warm, not hot, water. I poured the water over the doors of my car. I tried again. Oh, it almost opened. Back into the house. Little more water. Success! Rinse and repeat. I got all the doors of the van open. Little guy won some Pokemon critter or something like that and was just as excited as I was. I scraped the remaining windows and hopped in the van and sped off to the dentist.

We arrived at the dentist on time only to discover that I need a root canal. So, I learned a valuable lesson yesterday. Well, maybe two lessons. One, don’t convince yourself that just because your dear hubby has to leave at 5:30 in the morning he should get to park in the garage. And two, never ever go 4 years without going to the dentist. Supposedly, your dentist is your mouth’s best friend. I am not sure that I believe it. I am just repeating what I have been told.