My little guy and I were reading together today. Reading has not interested him much. He loves me to read to him, but when there are 3 other people in the house that can read to him he doesn’t see the need to learn. We have been making slow but sure progress and the relief has been immense on my part.

Today, we were reading Dav Pilkey’s first Ricky Ricotta book. Ok, so it isn’t the finest of literature, but I was in a rush and knew it would make him laugh. So, we are sitting at church and reading Ricky. I am so excited because he is reading most of it himself! I am jumping up and down with joy on the inside. I just might go buy all of Dav Pilkey’s books. (Oh, wait, we have them already.) I turn to my little guy and I say, “You are reading so great! I am so proud of you.”

He turns to me and says in a most serious voice, “Yeah. I know. This is 3rd grade book.”

Oh, it hurt so bad not to laugh. He and my daughter are very concerned with the level of their reading books right now because they are earning points for Webkinz and they have to read at their grade level to earn the points.

He continues, “I use to think that reading was tooorrrture. But, now I just love it!”

My heart was soaring. He loves to read! Fireworks are going off all around me. I have drifted into the land of happiness and glee. It was such sweet music to hear him say that.

“Mom. Mom? Can we be done now?”

“But, little guy, we aren’t done with the story yet. Don’t you want to get your points?”

“Maybe later. I don’t want to read anymore. So, can we be done?”

*sigh* Well, it was fun while it lasted. He said he loves to read. I heard it with my own ears, and the ears can still hear the music.