Nope, I am not talking about the Spartan movie today. (Although, I did see it and found it a little heavy on the ewww scale.) I am talking about something much more exciting. I am talking about bowling.

I like bowling, but my dad likes bowling even more. My dad has been bowling as long as I have been alive. Well, last night I called him to see if he wanted to come for dinner tonight. He was acting very crazy. Before I could even discuss the latest and greatest in the political scene he told me he had something to tell me.

He sounded very serious. My dad is never serious. Ever. I was trying to figure out in the 10 seconds that he paused what he could possibly have to tell me. He says, “I am not sure how I am going to tell you this.” What? Spit it out, dad. “I bowled a 300 tonight!” Then, he erupts laughter. It was his first 300. The dream of all who love bowl.

After my initial shock, screaming, and congratulations I asked him, “Were people watching you?” Dad doesn’t like being the center of attention.

He said, “Oh, yeah. They were all watching me, but I didn’t turn around and look at them.”  More laughter.

I asked, “Were you nervous?”

He said, “Oh, yeah. But, I didn’t really get nervous until the last ball.”

I asked, “Like an anxiety attack nervous?”

He said, “Yep. I was having a major anxiety attack.”

He went on to tell me that he hit the pocket on every ball except for the last one, but they all fell over anyway. I am sure that the anxiety attack had something to do with missing the pocket.

I can’t imagine. You have to throw 12 strikes in a row to bowl a perfect 300. I can’t imagine what it would feel like standing with the 12th ball in your hand, staring down the lane at the pins, heart pounding. You stand there knowing that if you leave one pin standing your 300 is gone.  But, he did it and I am very excited for him. I have only thrown 3 strikes in a row. I am lucky to get 3 strikes in a row while I am playing the Wii much less on real bowling alley.

Once again, I have no picture. No one had a camera down there. Can you believe that? Well, I guess it isn’t every night that someone throws a 300 so I will let them off the hook. He did have a brother down there, so he has someone who can vouch for him.  He also gets to have his name up on the wall of the bowling alley along with the others that have thrown a 300. It is really a very cool thing.

 Congratulations, Dad!!